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Robert Coats, Ph.D.
Dr. Coats has over 40 years of experience focusing on the hydrologic and ecological effects of land management on aquatic ecosystems. This work has concentrated in two areas: wetlands and forested watersheds. In both areas, he has drawn on his background in hydrology, ecology, and soil science. His long-term research interests are focused on nitrogen cycling and biogeochemistry at the watershed level, and impacts of climate change. He recently served as guest editor for a Special Issue of Climatic Change, focusing on “climate change and water resources in the Sierra Nevada.”

Dr. Coats' work with wetlands has included the design of numerous wetland restoration and enhancement projects; analysis and testimony as an expert witness in cases involving wetland jurisdiction and spread of contamination in wetlands; and preparation of management plans for habitat of two endangered wetland plants.

In the area of forested watersheds, his experience includes research on the effects of land disturbance on water quality; evaluation of the effects of silvicultural activities on both site quality and water quality; review of proposed timber harvest plans and National Forest plans; reclamation and hydrologic aspects of strip mining; evaluating the hydrologic and water quality effects of hydropower projects; analyzing the effects of post-fire salvage logging on soil hydrologic properties; and developing monitoring programs and habitat conservation strategies for two Habitat Conservation Plans (pursuant to the Endangered Species Act) in north coastal California..

Much of Dr. Coats' work has involved management of large projects involving major resource conflicts and institutional complexity. In addition to project management, Dr. Coats' experience includes personnel management and directing a professional development program.
  Ph.D. Wildland Resource Science, specializing in watershed management and water quality, University of California School of Forestry and Conservation, Berkeley, and Division of Environmental Studies, Davis, 1975
  M.S.  Forestry, specializing in soils and plant ecology, University of Minnesota, 1967
  B.S.  Forestry, University of California School of Forestry, Berkeley, 1965
  1978-1979  Rockefeller Foundation Fellowship in Environmental Affairs
  1969-1971  The National Science Foundation Traineeship
  1965  Faculty Citation, University of California School of Forestry

 Professional Experience  
  2004-present Visiting Scholar at University of California at Davis (Associate in the Agric. Exp. Sta., Department of Environmental Science & Policy)
  1999-present Independent consultant
  1997-1999 Senior Scientist, Stillwater Ecosystem, Watershed & Riverine Sciences, Inc. Berkeley, CA
  1986-1997 Principal, Philip Williams & Associates, Ltd., San Francisco, CA
  1983-1986 Senior Associate, Philip Williams & Associates, San Francisco, CA
  1982 Visiting Lecturer, Department of Soil and Plant Biology, University of California, Berkeley
  1978 -1983 Staff Scientist, The John Muir Institute, Berkeley, CA
  1974-1978 Teaching Associate, Department of Conservation and Resource Studies University of California, Berkeley
  1972-1974 Research Associate, University of California, Davis

Professional Affiliations
American Geophysical Union
American Association for the Advancement of Science
Journal of Water and Climate
Environmental Management Editorial Board
Society for Ecological Restoration
Tahoe Environmental Research Center
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